28 July 2012


Examining the incoming links on blog statistics I found the blog has passed a landmark of sorts. It turns out recently somebody took the effort to translate one of the posts into another language and republish it, which to my knowledge is the first time this has happened. The language in question is Czech and the website a Czech independent news portal Czech Free Press, which translated my Sarajevo-themed piece The Siege That Wasn't. So on the off chance that you a.) read Czech and b.) missed the post when I published it here check out the Czech version, here. Also thanks to CFP for the translation and the reposting.


  1. Congratulations, and well done! I have yet to get anything translated into Czech, so I tell myself that it's because I just don't write much about issues that are of interest to Czechs rather than that your pieces are just much better, which is the real truth.

    1. Ah Mark, I'll have none of that! Firstly, you have a very flowing style of writing that stays readable even as you start to make very long and complex sentences, which is like the unattainable holy grail for me. Also I admire what you have been able to do with your blog, particularly in attracting a whole mini-community of commenters which is great encouragement for the rest of us. Besides I know for a fact that you've already seen a number of your pieces translated into Russian. ;) Clearly you're being far too modest here!

  2. Hi Hero,

    My first translation of your blog is this one: http://goo.gl/JI0J6 (Srbsko: Podpora vstupu do EU klesla - www.kosovoonline.cz).
    But your article about "The Siege of Sarajevo" was just great. Good luck in this war.