11 May 2011

Inzko: Bosnia, it is I

The troublemakers

The BiH melodrama continues as Inzko keeps replaying his lines about a terrible, unprecedented crisis Bosnia and Herzegovina finds itself in, his words faithfully echoed by the Imperial media. His last stage performance took place at the UN Security Council. Russians rained on his parade, but the high profile of the stage provided him the largest echo chamber jet as every English speaking print outlet out there carried his statements. 

The "High Representatives" are not exactly known for avoidance of the bombastic and it is no different this time. There was a real crisis in 1999 when the international occupation forcefully dismissed the democratically elected President of Republic of Srpska to clear the path for its protege and golden boy, one Milorad Dodik. There was a real crisis when in 2001 the internationals moved against banks and protesters with armored vehicles and decimated political leadership of the Bosnian-Herzegovian Croats with arbitrary arrests and dismissals.

There is the presence of Salafis, imported to Bosnia in 1990s by Americans, that is a source of intermittent terrorists attacks. Hell, there is a severe crisis now caused by the "High Representative" covering the back of an unlawfully constituted government of what is colloquially referred to as "the Muslim-Croat Federation" without the participation of Croats that anybody votes for.

The referendum law passed by the Assembly of Republic of Srpska on the other hand is emphatically not a crisis. What exactly is critical about a referendum whose outcome is not in the least bit in question? Yes, the Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not support centralization introduced after the signing of the Dayton Peace Treaty and not foreseen by it, most of it technically unlawful and all of it enacted under severe foreign pressure. Big freaking newsflash!

Now, it is another story if political leaders of the natives finally in some small measure asserting themselves against foreign diktat presents an enormous crisis for the High Representative and the internationalist gang. But the High Representative is not synonymous with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in fact the last time I checked he wasn't even a citizen. His problems are of no concern to the land whatsoever.

The sources of crises in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last fifteen years have been alien elements, chiefly the Western colonials who easily do more harm than their Salafi bomb-planting friends. Standing up to them and throwing them on the defensive, as Dodik has done, is the best thing that can happen for stability of the country. With international tutors scrambling to oppose a challenge to their role, at the very least Bosnia and Herzegovina is gifted a temporary respite.

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  1. I'm truly sorry to hear that your country is still being preyed upon by the Imperium. Perhaps one day we can all be free of their destructive influence.