15 February 2011

Russia Police Purge

As part of its police reform Russia is to fire 20% of its policemen. Welcome news. Knowing a little about how bureaucracies work I would not be surprised if they booted the least bad 20% of the militsioneri, but it is still a step in the right direction.

Too bad it is too be paired with an increase in salaries for the remaining cops. The rationale behind such moves is always the same - the buerocrats' jobs become more valuable to them making them less likely to risk them by accepting bribes, thus cutting down on corruption.

In reality what this does is make the bribes too expensive for poor people to afford, making it impossible for them to deflect the worst of a state assault on their wallet, or person, with a strategically placed banknote.

For a more detailed look at the reform and its other aspects, many of them positive, check out an entry at Russia: Other Points of View.

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