14 February 2011

Chuck Brilliance

In last week's episode of Chuck a villain – who not unusual for Chuck universe is a voluptuous, exotic woman – succeeds in coming up with a way to produce flawless copies of one hundred dollar bills. Later on it is revealed her villainous plan is to crash the US dollar by placing into circulation one trillion worth of these notes.

The funniest part of the episode comes half way into the show at a villains' meeting where the lesser villains that had provided the funds – one hundred million in gold – for the money-printing operation demand a status report. The chief villain reveals she has printed up "more notes than originally anticipated, for a grand total of one trillion US dollars", after which the financiers go ballistic exclaiming that that is too much currency, after all their fortunes depend on a strong dollar!

The chief villain – and the proud owner of one hundred million in gold – smiles, noting that her fortune on the other hand does not rely on the strength of a dollar. After which she naturally signals to members of her all-female private army and they gun down the lesser villains.

There you go, even TV villains are aware of dangers of excessive money creation and the advantages of owning gold. Now, if only the job of real spooks was to combat inflation.

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