05 September 2010


Speaking of governments of East European states that are anxious lapdogs of the Empire one can not but be reminded of the worst of them - the government of Montenegro. Since this spring it has a platoon worth of soldiers serving as auxiliaries to the imperial legions in the occupation of Afghanistan. A symbolic sized contribution to be sure, but from a state whose military is similarly symbolic. And besides it is the principle that matters.

These auxiliaries are in Afghanistan in support of a mission as part of which innocents are casually blown up from the air over and over again. Jet just barely ten years ago these same killers would have been flying over Montenegro doing the same.

In 1999 NATO countries bombed FR Yugoslavia of which Montenegro along with Serbia was a constituent republic of. In a bid to try to sow division among the two, the aggressors bombed Serbia much more heavily than Montenegro. However they reigned tragedy in Montenegro as well.

In the most infamous and gruesome attack NATO planes killed six and wounded that number of civilians in a village of Murino of around 500 inhabitants in the south and east part of Montenegro toward Albania. Among the killed were three children aged between 10 and 13. They were "collateral damage" to a strike on a stone bridge in a mountain village in the middle of nowhere. In the eyes of the bombers their lives were worth less than to accomplish the mission - to demolish a small bridge of not even the slightest strategic relevance.

Yet 10 years later, the sycophant government of Montenegro is not just asking for admission into the unrepentant NATO circle, but doing what it can to help it as it reigns such death upon Afghans and Pakistanis. It is utopian to expect of governments to conduct themselves with any amount of honour. But the conduct of Podgorica is shameful even far beyond what is the norm for politicians.


  1. I think NATO avoided bombing Montenegro because the power that be (which use NATO as their tool) felt certain that they Montenegro would be broken away from Serbia soon.
    However, I think that there might have been an attack by Serbian pilots on NATO bases in Bosnia which came from Montenegro during the Kosovo war.
    Now NATO and the mainstream media hid most all their loses (except some like the downed Stealth which was shown on Serbian TV and picked up by other countries) so they were silent on this.
    But in Serbian reports as transmitted by "Venik" of "Venik Aviation" webpage, there was an attack which caused NATO loses and then NATO subsequently heavily bombed Montenegro just after that. Don't know if it was the attack you are speaking of, however.
    I think there were also some anti-aircraft batteries in Montenegro which might have got some NATO planes flying over or near its borders.
    General Short, when testifying to U.S. Congress in October 1999 was real upset with the French input for restricting him on what he could bomb and I believe he mentioned Montenegro and this General Short was very upset and shaken up, he almost seemed to be on the verge of crying tears of vexation and being upset. I got the sense he was upset because of some NATO loses which were attributed to anti-aircraft or bases used by Yugoslav/Serbian pilots during the war from Montenegro - that if he had not been restricted from bombing them earlier, it would have prevented some NATO loses.

  2. As I recall it NATO was initially bombing both republics, but after a certain date it began to refrain from bombing Montenegro. I agree with your assessment on why it did so. No doubt it realized that bombing Montenegro was counterproductive to trying to break Yugoslavia apart.