27 January 2010

Now They Tell Us

In relation to the recent announcement that the US will station a battery of Patriot surface-to-air missiles on the Polish Baltic coast some 60 kilometres from its border with the Rusian exclave of Kaliningrad, Edward Lozansky over at Russia Blog raises a vital point:
"Obviously, Washington needed a symbolic gesture of sorts to gild the pill of scrapping its missile-defense-shield-in-Poland plan. However, if this gesture is strictly symbolic, a more unsuitable place and time for it would be hard to find. Because whereas previously Russia was told that it had nothing to worry about BMD-wise, as the sole purpose of the system was destruction of Iranian or North Korean missiles, the Patriots are certainly intended to repulse a potential missile attack by Russia."
Indeed, if the scrapped missile shield in Poland was really meant to protect it from Iran then why the need to after its cancellation station Patriots on the Baltic coast? Are they too to defend from Iran? It would be a claim so ludicrous not even the Americans are making it.

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