11 January 2010

A Crying Shame!

I owe an update on the result of the presidential election in Croatia seeing I had written about it.

The outrageous Milan Bandić lost, what else. No doubt the forces of presidential respectability have breathed a sigh of relief and tomorrow newspaper columns of all respectable papers, except those most partisan against the victor's party, are going to hail this as a triumph of maturity, decency, intelligence and what not.

A crying shame! To think Croatia came within twenty points to being saddled with its very own version of Nikita Hruschev! A man who would have driven a hole through respectability of the presidential office and any other quality associated with it! A man who just days ago during the election debates snarled back at the moderator that he "neither knows nor cares" when asked who the presidents of the European Union and the European Commission are. Splendid attitude!

Instead a veritable nobody has been put at the helm. Ivo Josipović, distinguished for nothing, achieved nothing, infamous for nothing, upset no one. A drone who found himself in this position for no other reason than being a loyal party trooper and a threat to no one. If Bandić is Nikita Hruschev then Josipović is Konstantin Chernenko. Chernenko who? Precisely! His decisive advantage over Bandić consisted of the fact that he is polite, mild-mannered, accommodating and reasonably intelligent. He does not speak with his mouth full and keeps his elbows off the table, so he is not going to embarrass the institution of presidency. Yawn.

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